Two bodies, two souls – one love. The body of a man- full of strength, and the body of a woman – tiny, the symbol of gentleness.

We are the acrobatic duo formed in 2011. We have decided to join our passion, fitness and skills.

The abilities we possess turned out to be the best recipe for our success and enabled us the victory in 5th edition of "Got Talent”.


It’s time for something totally ‘fresh’, scented with novelty and a bit of avant-garde.. It’s a different perspective and…an overwhelmingly spectacular stage prop, since on stage we will be accompanied by the Freestanding Aerial Hoop. It’s an object designed to perform aerial stunts, though not demanding of being hung. It’s an ideal perspective for standard aero acrobatics, where often the barrier is the seating, unsuitable for such performances.

Guest performance presented in "Got Talent".

We are the first duo in Poland possessing and performing shows with that rotational object. The character and disparateness of the object makes a tremendous impression. Therefore, provided you have been expecting a show with spectacular skills – this will not let you down.


skomplikowanych a zarazem łagodnych i przyjemnych dla oka. The solo show allows us to behold the woman, the artist in a slightly different, robust (gloomy?) alternative, not detracting even a bit of her airiness and grace.

However, in the duo, we focus on performing totally new poses, acrobatic evolutions, highly risky at moments, though not deprived of balance and artistry. The music escalates an effect of being in other dimension. We guarantee the audience to come up with two words just after four minutes of the show: dangerously beautiful. Insanely outstanding..


As the title tells, in this performance we focus on slow movement of our bodies. The aim of the slow movement is to touch the viewer. The most interesting factor is definitely the static strength combined with fragility and gentleness.

Long, 6 min. performance is a mixture of the most interesting figures from all shows. Music and acrobatic evolution take us to the world of magical space, far away from usual emotional feelings.


Shortly, the story of beautiful , but a little bit difficult love. The man, fascinated by the music box and the woman, excited again, increased by power of love. She is gaining her power in his shoulders.

The performance of final part of Got Talent

This mini show is a kind of announcement of acrobatic, professional evolution, enriched by stunning clothes and fabulous atmosphere. The show is both dynamic and full of difficult individual figures which allow us to see the unusual balance of bodies.


We deal with love once again. However, this time the love is dark. Music, clothes and the general atmosphere give us such impression. On the one hand rejection – on the other – the desire of possession, attraction that does not allow to forget, and passion.

The performance of semi-final part of Got Talent

The show is based on strength figures, however, trust shown in each part is its message.
The magical lights and breath taking music are the force of this show and they also prove our physical skills.


Here, she, the Puppet, knows life only from the perspective of strings. Whereas, he, the Puppeteer, can ideally steer her strings. Flickeringly.. as the Puppet rebels and cutely, even unnoticeably changes into a dominating nature. In the following sequences of the setting, there is nothing left from the welter, her droop eye-sight and initial powerlessness.

She performs complex movements, as she would wish to charm, seduce and cripple the Puppeteer, which she finally accomplishes. Within the following configurations of gestures and the mood of the setting, also the music changes – from subtle to more dynamic and mysterious. The audience see luxuriant movements, which instantly seem to have a three-dimensional appearance.

Splendid evolutions highlight the professionalism of acrobats and leave audience in bewilderment, with a question mark behind. New stage props, used in the choreography, allude to the theme of the spectacle and immensely build its entireness. Both venturesome acrobatic settings and the music, bring the feeling that the artists showed the highest talent and left the competitors mercilessly a long way behind. Duration time: 4 minutes / minimum height of the room: 4 meters / additional stage props.


Searching for new words, through which our bodies could speak out, we introduce a symphonic scene of our acrobatic performance. A seriously promising opening. The duo of ‘musicians’ trying to create their own orchestra

…and suddenly
magnetic energy explodes, the energy which is transmitted through sensational instrumental music. In the show, the artists combined the whole sequences of acrobatic evolutions together with specifically prepared choreography.

Guest performance presented in "Got Talent".

The audience can see both airiness, beauty and esthetics of movement, as well as the perfect synchronization of those more dynamic moments. Paused acrobatic actions lose nothing from their smoothness. In full view of the audience, we createimpressive and apparently impossible figures, demanding an absolute control and command of our bodies.
Duration time: 2 minutes / minimum height of the room: 4 meters / without stage props.


Can the movement be an obsession? The presented by acrobats setting leaves no doubts. An initial and final freeze in motionlessness is the key to understand the world of two entities who in this paused action wanted somewhat to show the audience their real ‘selves’.

Splendid composition of the spectacle not only shows the audience passion in every single gesture and figure but also points out how beautifully they can join two opposite characters: delicate and strong. The setting is expressive and dynamic. The choreography includes something more than only acrobatic elements – the audience can equally observe the dance, which captures the eye of the spectator and lets him go deeply into the story told by the artists.

The music remarkably precisely imparts the rhythm to the whole performance. Initially strong and energetic, switches into slower and more peaceful, which reflects in the moderation of acrobats’ movements. This 4-minute show is an another example of how hard work and exceptional talent help achieve artistry in the area.
Duration time: 4 minutes / minimum height of the room: 4 meters / additional stage props.


It is a show inspired by the movie and the character of James Bond. The music used in the dance layout comes from the newest part, ‘Spectre’. We present here a sensual show, exposing amazing chemistry which is exploding between a handsome gentleman and a beautiful and graceful woman.

Presented evolutions are sensual, but in a tasty and delicate way, and what strikes the eye the most, they go beyond the average human capabilities.

The viewers will surely feel seduced since the movements have been finely elaborated in every detail. Extremely effective lifting and spectacular finish are the crowning achievements of hard work and a true love. You would like to say: world is not enough...when you are in love. And what would the 007 Agent do? He would sit in the audience, hold Vesper Martini in his hand and watch in delight...



Here we will present all news related to us, with our performances, current dates, program news etc.

October 20, 2018


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