Two bodies, two souls – one love. The body of a man- full of strength, and the body of a woman – tiny, the symbol of gentleness.

We are the acrobatic duo formed in 2011. We have decided to join our passion, fitness and skills.

Bartek is a Fivefold Polish Junior Champion in Gymnastic Fitness of Men and Polish Senior Champion in 2016. He has also won 3 medals of European Championship and participation in the World Championship (4th place).

Whereas Delfina can be proud of the 2nd place at the European Championship and the 3rd place at European Championship in dance formations.

The abilities we possess turned out to be the best recipe for our success and enabled us the victory in 5th edition of ‘Got Talent”. However, it was not the end of our television adventure since we were invited twice as special guests to the program, in years 2013 ( 6th edition) and 2017 (10th edition).

Our skills, hard work and training help us to fulfil our dreams . We can often hear that we act against physical  law. When we combine everything with excellent music we can gain a unique and unforgettable show.

Through the acrobatic and dance figures we can express the beauty of human body. What is more, we usually do our best to perform a kind of masterpiece. Our ability of creation has no borders. We would like to invite you to our world…