Here, she, the Puppet, knows life only from the perspective of strings. Whereas, he, the Puppeteer, can ideally steer her strings. Flickeringly.. as the Puppet rebels and cutely, even unnoticeably changes into a dominating nature. In the following sequences of the setting, there is nothing left from the welter, her droop eye-sight and initial powerlessness.

She performs complex movements, as she would wish to charm, seduce and cripple the Puppeteer, which she finally accomplishes. Within the following configurations of gestures and the mood of the setting, also the music changes – from subtle to more dynamic and mysterious. The audience see luxuriant movements, which instantly seem to have a three-dimensional appearance.

Splendid evolutions highlight the professionalism of acrobats and leave audience in bewilderment, with a question mark behind. New stage props, used in the choreography, allude to the theme of the spectacle and immensely build its entireness. Both venturesome acrobatic settings and the music, bring the feeling that the artists showed the highest talent and left the competitors mercilessly a long way behind. Duration time: 4 minutes / minimum height of the room: 4 meters / additional stage props.

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